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Stine Mikkelsen




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The Story of 'Guilt.less'

“‘Guilt.less’ responds to news involving the fashion industry: clothes are being burned, factories collapse, and employees get in contact with toxic chemicals, just to name a few. Instead of leaving all responsibility for creating a more sustainable world to industry, I point out just how much power we as consumers have. My lamps are therefore made of something we all have in our wardrobe; clothes we never use. By doing so I want people to reflect on own consumption habits and through this realize, that every time we buy a piece of clothes it also involves an inherent political position.”

“The way we understand society has changed throughout history. Nowadays a good citizen is equivalent to a good consumer, focusing on progress and growth. With ‘Guilt.less’ I question if we need to rethink this system. Is it possible to build a society based on the concept that reduction will lead to growth?”