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Xandra Van Der Eijk




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The Story of 'RETREAT'

“Much of our cultural identity is deeply intertwined with the landscape we live in. But as global warming is accelerating, the landscape is undergoing dramatic changes which not only affect our basic needs but also our sense of being. How do we deal with the feelings that arise from losing┬áland to sea, losing ice to the sun, losing animals to history?”

“Using advanced technologies that go hand-in-hand with climate change (laptop, tablet, 3D scanner and a phone with 4G signal), I set out into the wilderness to scan the foot of a receding glacier. The journey, the risk, the awe, the act of documenting and reproducing, all can be seen as a ritual for dealing with my own ecological grief. I longed to witness, preserve, and archive this fast disappearing phenomenon that has forever shaped our world.”