Twice a year we initiate, curate, share and show our vision on design in order to find deeper understanding of our relation to our physical context, identity and culture.


By working within themes derived from contemporary issues Dutch Invertuals challenge themselves to explore new territories. A selection of designers meets every two weeks to discuss topics and share knowledge. The outcome of these meetings is presented twice a year. Displayed in 14 outstanding exhibitions at the forefront of experimental design. The knowledge and experience gained allow Dutch Invertuals to lead any commission or project to an unexpected and ambitious result.


Besides showing new projects Dutch Invertuals have also been working together on several projects. The wide range of specialist skills within Dutch Invertuals allows curator Wendy Plomp to set up the best team for any assignment, question or need.

Dutch Invertuals Collected

‘Dutch Invertuals Collected’ is an online gallery. Here you can browse through an extensive collection of projects the collective has produced and exhibited over the last 9 years.

Dutch Invertuals Collected

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