Dutch Invertuals is a carefully hand picked group of passionate, and vision driven designers, pushing the boundaries of our capabilities. An invitation to show Dutch design at a venue in the center of Milan in 2009 is what set off a string of group shows in Milan and Eindhoven.


All designers are being carefully selected based on vision, experiment, passion and good work mentality. All works are especially created for each show, which is what makes Dutch Invertuals unique. Every show has an underlying theme that is being formulated during the meetings and dialogues that lead up to it. Debating things that are happening around us, things we see on the news and things that inspire us. Eventually boiling all of this down into an outline of relevance for the upcoming show.

Group dynamic

All shows are carefully put together in a collective effort. This means we build everything ourselves. The group also shares knowledge, gives feedback, critique and advice on individual works during every meeting. This stimulates the maturing of concepts and enhances its outcome. Working together to raise dialogue, have fun and develop our vision on design.

Wendy Plomp


Wendy Plomp is founder, curator and art director of Dutch Invertuals. She focuses on shaping narratives, to find the tribals of design and discover new traditions by analyzing our culture and time. 

She challenges the skills of passionate, talented and vision driven designers. Constantly adding new members to the team and making the collective move forward.