Dutch Invertuals are driven by an unstoppable urge to create and innovate. Offering the experience of specialist and professional designers, carefully selected for each assignment. We are always excited to start new projects with designers and companies worldwide.

For designers
The projects developed by Dutch Invertuals help designers to develop their own profession, build their portfolio, expand their network and collaborate within territories they wouldn’t dare to explore by themselves. The group dynamic, which takes shape in meetings with brainstorming sessions, critical reviews and sharing knowledge, is key for innovation, experiment and to challenge each other. Dutch Invertuals offers a well-known platform, a good relationship with producers and galleries in order to facilitate the realization of the works.

For companies
Dutch Invertuals offers a wide range of experts in the design field. Willing to innovate, redefine crafts, experiment with new technologies and materials, in order to find new usability. Dutch Invertuals does research, develops materials, forms concepts and turns it all into unique results.

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