" We drive each other to new insights, concepts and creations. That’s when Dutch Invertuals was born."

Dutch Invertuals

For the first Dutch Invertuals exhibition Wendy Plomp formed, in January 2009, an exhibition not just about product design but about a vision on design with disciplines like graphic, spatial, product, food and material design. Designers with very different backgrounds, but with one thing in common, vision, experiment and the urge to re-define.

It is not so much about the work; that is just the result, it is all about process, dialog and active approach. We drive each other to new insights, concepts and creations. That’s when Dutch Invertuals was born.



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Campaign Images

Visuals by Bart Hess


Founder, Curator: Wendy Plomp |
Campaign Visual: Bart Hess |
Exhibition Design: Daphna Laurens |
Graphic, Website Design: Edhv |

Thanks to: Bart Hess, Daphna Laurens, Edhv, House of Origin, Lotty Lindeman, Pepe Heykoop, Raw Color, Verger, Wendy Plomp.

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