happy future

APRIL 2014

After gaining so much knowledge and freedom to design our own individuality, and even our own society, it is time to re-discover what can truly bring us happiness. It has become so easy to take our freedom and luxury for granted while the world, as we know it, is in desperate need of balance. Step by step we are figuring out how to bring knowledge to good use. This will eventually lead to a Happy Future.

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Campaign Images

Visuals by Nina van Bart


Founder, Curator: Wendy Plomp | Campaign:
Visual design by Nina van Bart, Photography
by Thomas van Oorschot | Exhibition design:
Daphna Laurens | Designers text: Suzanne
Rietdijk | Translation: Suzanne Rietdijk |
Graphic Design: Edhv, Raw Color | Website
Design: Edhv |Product photography: Raw Color

Thanks to: Adriaanse Autoverhuur | Mansveld
Expotech | Drukkerij Snep | Big Impact |
Leeuwerik Plaatmateriaal

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