matter of time

23-31 OCTOBER 2010

This exhibition shows new work based on medieval oak wood, wood which over 600 years ago served as the foundation for the Eindhoven city entrance. Through experiments and research, the Invertuals have translated the value and symbolism of the wood into contemporary design projects, focusing mainly on the concept of time and on the characteristics of the material as a source of inspiration for the designs.

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Campaign Images

Visuals by Bart Hess


Founder, Curator: Wendy Plomp | Graphic & Website
Design: Edhv | Photography: Bart Hess, Raw Color,
Khanh Ly | Exhibition design: Daphna Isaacs, Laurens
Manders | Copy, PR: Maartje Gruyters | Food design:
Maartje de la Brassine, Meinte van de Meulen

behind the scenes