Wendy Plomp (Wilnis, the Netherlands 1977) graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven (Man & Leisure). She is the founder, curator and art director of Dutch Invertuals. Under Plomp’s watchful eye, this continually changing design collective explores the limits of design throughout the year. Central to Plomp’s work is giving stories shape. She analyses our culture and spirit of the times, explores the sources of design and discovers new traditions.
Throughout the years Dutch Invertuals has repeatedly been one of the most striking participants. During DDW, but also at the Salone del Mobile in Milan. With Plomp’s never failing attention and efforts for young talent, she consistently delivers a prominent intrinsic contribution to the week. With the experimental Dutch Invertuals she represents many of the core values of DDW, including the stimulation of new developments.

How will the upcoming DDW make its unique mark?
‘The attention for sustainability and circularity is increasing. The public at large is also ready for the “transformation”. Which is why I expect many material innovations that will subsequently find their way into all sorts of new applications. Designers are involved increasingly often in processes that had previously not had a design function. Companies and institutions are increasingly embracing creative spirits. They want to look at the world differently, from a higher level of abstraction.’

Which aspect of design would you like to attract more attention to?
‘Creativity is often not properly appreciated. The value of it is far higher than most people realise. A chasm has also opened up between commerce and designers. As a result, many talented designers do not survive. I want to change this imbalance. Which explains why at Dutch Invertuals we regularly stimulate and explore cooperation with commerce.’

What can you contribute to the ambassadorship from your specific experience?
‘I hope to create links between parties. I will be exercising my almost ten years of experience in the world of design to achieve this.’





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