Campaign Circular Station

Dutch Invertuals, Edhv and Superuse Studios developed a series of campaign images for ProRail’s Circular Station. These ‘relics’ bring together old materials from train stations and tracks to create a new image that activates ProRail’s circular vision.

The goal of ProRail’s vision: a fully CO2-neutral footprint of the rail sector in 2050 in terms of emissions, energy and material use. This requires, amongst others, a new perspective on material, which leads to new design processes and possibly completely different stations.

The campaign is part of “What If Lab: The Circular Station”. A project of ProRail, NS Stations and Bureau Spoorbouwmeester, together with Dutch Design Foundation, in which four promising and inspiring solutions were proposed by Bygg Architecture & Design, Studio Tjeerd Veenhoven, Space Agency, Welling Architects.

Project website: (in Dutch)


Dutch Invertuals – Concept, Art Direction & Production
Edhv – Concept, Web design & Production
Superuse Studios – Material research
Lonneke van der Palen – Photography