D'days Paris


Dutch Invertuals was invited by René-Jacques Mayer, founder of D’Days Paris, to present its latest exhibition at the Galerie Joseph during the 2015 edition of D’Days Paris.

For this occasion an exhibition set up was especially made for the gallery’s wide space bringing together works from the Body Language show and the Dutch Invertuals Collected collection.



Curator | Art direction: Wendy Plomp| Exhibition design:
Daphna Laurens | Graphic design: Edhv |
Invertuals: Aliki van der Kruijs | Arnout Meijer | Dienke Dekker | Germans Ermics | Jetske Visser and Michiel Martens | Tijmen Smeulders | Victoria Ledig | Nina Van Bart | Studio Mieke Meijer | Jeroen Wand | Thomas Vailly & Laura Lynn Jansen | Edhv | Alissa+Nienke | Brit van Nerven and Roos Gomperts | Daphna Laurens