'Factory of the Future'

We are proud to share with you ‘Factory of the Future’, a spatial concept developed by Studio Dutch Invertuals.

The project began as a collaboration with studio edhv / Architects of Identity. We worked closely together to translate the graphic identity they created, into an interior concept. Taking inspiration from its vibrant colours and overlapping solid shapes and lines, the language of the space was defined.

Connecting the open character and modularity of the space, with the magic and fascination of the Industry 4.0, Dutch Invertuals has combined unique custom designed pieces like room dividers and furniture with existing items from various designers / Invertuals.

Room Dividers

Our room dividers are the perfect solution for smart offices, restaurants, care facilities and homes. They are not only functional, but also carefully designed, with a keen eye for color and material. Custom made with a high-quality finish, they become part of the identity of a vibrant and safe environment.

The dividers are available in different shapes, materials and colors, so that they blend perfectly into any interior. Check out the product sheet for more information and email us for ordering: esther@dutchinvertuals.nl.

Winner ‘NYCxDesign #MetropolisLikes 2020’ and Interior Design Magazine’s ‘Best of the Year Awards 2020’.


High Tech Software Cluster

Creative Director
Wendy Plomp

Interior Design
Studio Dutch Invertuals

Max Lipsey

Edhv studio

Ronald Smits







Interior items


Mobile arena


Plant dividers


Bar to work on, lunch and celebrate!

Brainstorm space

Coffee table