Window Display Design

For the Hermès Crystal Houses in Amsterdam, we took on the challenge of building a scenography for the entire facade of about 8 meters high. A mystical forest for their window display within this year’s theme: Lightness.

We see lightness as a playful and positive state of mind, where things are balanced and approached with humour. Where the digital and physical worlds meet. Animated spirits emerge from the virtual realm and interact with Hermès products in the physical world. A playful exploration, combining research and meticulous handwork with the endless possibilities of digital techniques.

The mystical forest window can be viewed at the Hermes’ Amsterdam Store on the P.C. Hooftstraat until November 2022.



Dutch Invertuals

Art Direction
Wendy Plomp

Dutch Invertuals Studio, edhv, Studio Jeroen Wand

Kasia Gatkowska