Based in Eindhoven we are a small team of in-house professionals who work with an international network of over eighty talented and passionate designers. Together we are Dutch Invertuals.

Design network

As a network of creative minds our focus is research, vision and aesthetics. Each designer brings a different set of skills and expertise, driven by an unstoppable urge to create and innovate, to experiment, and redefine. This collective dynamic defines Dutch Invertuals and makes us unique in the field of design.

A little history

An invitation to present Dutch Design during the 2009 Salone del Mobile set off a string of collective, visionary exhibitions that we’ve presented so far in Milan, Eindhoven, Paris, and London. During each edition new designers join forces, enlarging our network, led by curator Wendy Plomp. The knowledge, insights, and experience we gain during our exhibitions continuously benefits our collaborations worldwide.

Wendy Plomp


Wendy Plomp is founder, curator and art director of Dutch Invertuals. She analyses our culture and time to shape narratives and discover new traditions. By articulating what we need now and imagining what will be needed in the future she questions and challenges our living environment and experience.