Introducing Futures Studio Sessions

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After 15 years of collective design and discussions, Dutch Invertuals opens its practice with its Futures Studio Session.

  • by Dutch Invertuals
  • Eindhoven, NL

An initiative to engage in open discussions and cultivating an environment where bold ideas are not only welcomed but celebrated. Born from the collaboration of designers young and old, Dutch Invertuals strives to bring ideas, visions, and solutions to societal challenges. At the heart of our process lies dialogue, with table discussions that include experts, scientists, designers, and visionaries to inform and inspire design outputs. We've learned that fostering a blend of different perspectives and seizing the opportunity to learn from one another is the key to our work.


Amidst the current backdrop of global challenges, we’re opening up our dialogue-driven approach. Last year, during Dutch Design Week, we initiated our first Futures Studio Session, a series centred around collective questions and dynamic discussions about themes covering our archive of work, the zeitgeist, and topics relevant to the future.

Harmonising the creative visions of Dutch Invertuals and Edhv, we seek synergy in shared ideas. To imagine new possibilities and map new ground to engage a wide audience.

‘We feel to overcome global challenges we need to collaborate and use design to stimulate innovation for a better world’ –

Wendy Plomp

The intent behind this series is multi-faceted. It aims to share ideas, facilitate open communication, and underscore the importance of having dialogues. By bringing together different perspectives, we are excited to create a space where learning is a two-way street, transcending gaps and emphasising the strength of collaboration over individualistic practices.


With an intimate, expert group, sessions are planned 3 to 4 times a year — blending in-person meetings at the studio with virtual interactions with key specialists worldwide. We’ll focus on topics relevant to today’s and the future world, exploring areas such as renewable energy, circularity, future materials, regeneration, and the role of AI, amongst others.

Stay tuned to join us in the dialogue at Dutch Invertuals’ Futures Studio Session and be part of shaping tomorrow’s design landscape.