10 years old and yet young, rebellious and playful, Dutch Invertuals takes on a big challenge. Together, the designers set off on a journey to explore one of the most iconic shapes in the universe: the circle.

“The circle, the ultimate symbol of unity, perfection, infinity and the collective will be the linchpin of this exhibition. By envisaging and playfully questioning its shape, we offer a new understanding of something that already seems perfect to us.” – Wendy Plomp, Founder, Dutch Invertuals

This 10-year anniversary is a milestone for Dutch Invertuals. From its humble but very sincere beginning in 2009, when a group of 9 designers joined forces for an exhibition in Milan, to the current collective of more than 70 designers, Dutch Invertuals has always embraced togetherness and unity.

In Milan, Dutch Invertuals will celebrate this milestone with an exhibition featuring a selection of emerging talents next to pioneering designers such as Edhv, Daphna Laurens, Raw Color and Jeroen Wand, who played a significant role in the genesis of the collective.


Tuesday 9 April till Sunday 14 April

Daily 10.30 till 20.00 H
Sunday 10.30 till 17.00 H

Monday 8th 17:00 till 19:00 H

Private Party
Friday 12th 19:00 till 23:00 H

Via Pastrengo 12
20159 Milan

Architects of Identity (Edhv), Bram Vanderbeke, Carlo Lorenzetti, Daniël de Bruin, Hongjie Yang, Nel Verbeke, Nina van Bart, Max Lipsey, Raw Color, Martens & Visser, Jeroen Wand, Jólan van der Wiel, Schimmel & Schweikle, Studio Joachim – Morineau.

Campaign Images

Visuals by Raw Color