Wood Land exhibition

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Wood takes centre stage at Schloss Hollenegg in an exhibition co-curated by Dutch Invertuals

  • by Dutch Invertuals
  • Schloss Hollenegg, AUT

The exhibition started from a three-week-long residency program which took place last summer at Schloss Hollenegg, Austria, curated by Alice Stori Liechtenstein and Dutch Invertuals' design director Wendy Plomp. In a world grappling with environmental challenges, the designers used design and craftsmanship to raise awareness and reimagine our relationship with the forest and its ecosystem.

The designers embodied the principles of Expedition Æqualis, an initiative by Dutch Invertuals aimed at learning from nature and creating a long-term exploration into eco-centric futures. Wood took centre stage in exploring these principles further, wood can be found everywhere around us: in our furniture, the daily objects we use, and the architecture we inhabit. Yet how does wood transition from a living tree, part of a larger and interconnected ecosystem, to a material we sculpt or a surface we walk on? And what impact does that have on our surrounding environments?

‘We need to transform our relationship with nature and re-establish deep connections with it so our lives become interwoven in its systems.’

Wendy Plomp

Overall, the Wood Land exhibition serves as a platform for interdisciplinary exploration, creating a deeper understanding of our relationship with nature and inspiring innovative approaches to design in close connection with the forest.


Hollenegg 1, 8530 Hollenegg, Austria
May 4th to May 31st 2024
Saturdays and Sundays from 11 am to 6 pm; Mondays to Fridays on appointment for groups.

Luca Gruber
Alison Orellana Malouf
Jakob Niemann
Zoe Jo Rae
Dana Savic
Guillaume Slizewicz
Marte Mei van Haaster

Alice Stori Liechtenstein
Wendy Plomp