Hermès Window Display

  • Installation
  • Research

Spirits of the Forest:
Hermès Crystal House becomes a mystical forest

  • by Dutch Invertuals
  • Amsterdam, NL

Capturing the essence of lightness, a mystical forest grows above the Amsterdam street, an intricate story with forest spirits and curated Hermès accessories revealed through the transparency of the building's facade.


“We see lightness as a playful and positive state of mind, where things are balanced and approached with humour, where the digital and physical worlds meet.”

Wendy Plomp

An extensive exploration of materials and technical manufacturing techniques led us to the poetic reinterpretation of lightness through paper and wood. The installation portrays a mystical forest where animated spirits emerge and interact with the Hermès products, a playful exploration combining research and meticulous handwork with the endless possibilities of digital techniques. These spirits, the guardians of the forest, appear in different characters, creating a fairytale.

“The encounter between the digital and the physical is a creative exploration of new, endless possibilities in form and matter”

Wendy Plomp

The window display showcased a blend of meticulous handwork, three weeks of hand-making a 3D printed-like texture with paper pulp, and digital innovation, utilizing 3D printing with bio-based plastic. A harmony between creativity, materiality and technology.

A dedicated in-house team refined every detail, ensuring a lightweight yet structurally supportive wooden skeleton. The installation was designed for easy assembly, disassembly, and transportation to different settings, with potential to be re-used and reconfigured again and again.



Design Director

Wendy Plomp


Dutch Invertuals
Studio Edhv
Studio Jeroen Wand

Dutch Invertuals Team

Esther Severijns – Management
Elena Genesio – Research and design
Ralf Gloudemans – Digital design and production
Ryan Gerard – Digital design and production


Kasia Gatkowska