Mutant Matter Visuals

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  • Process

Morphing materials and aesthetics to create vibrant campaign images as part of the thought-provoking Mutant Matter exhibition.

  • by Britt Berden

Exploring the Potential of Anthropocene Materials: Mutant Matter, a collaboration between Dutch Invertuals and the design futures studio FranklinTill, delved into the intriguing world of material evolution giving rise to new design opportunities. This exhibition underscored our responsibility in shaping the planet's destiny and envisioned a future where waste transforms into valuable resources.

Campaign images by Barbara Medo and Dutch Invertuals

To complement th exhibition, we joined forces with Barbara Medo to visually interpret the in-between space between man-made and natural to reflect in our campaign images. Once again, we gathered all designers to be photographed, and focussed on showing the interplay of colours and materials. We employed a glossy surface to warp reflections of designers’ bodies into captivating and unrecognisable portraits.

The floating material captured people within a set environment, it blurred the line between the virtual and the tangible. Vibrant colours such as blue, red, lilac and yellow juxtaposed with deeper and warmer tones such as earthy green and warm orange gave a surreal appearance. 

‘Bringing together synthetic materials and vivid hues, we wanted to show the boundaries between natural and artificial, creating a surreal visual experience’

Wendy Plomp

Campaign images by Barbara Medo and Dutch Invertuals

Each photo hinted at human presence in an abstract and artistic way, revealing an arm, a neck or parts of the skin, revealing the designer without explicitly showing them. In the group capture, the absence of individuals lent an air of distortion and disarray, inviting contemplation on the ever-shifting landscape of materials and design. Dutch Invertuals and Barbara Medo captured this in-between space with an energising result, and unravelled curiosity.


Art direction

Wendy Plomp


Barbara Medo