Take Away Visuals

  • Campaign
  • Process

Deconstructing portraits through 3D visualizations

  • by Britt Berden

Reflecting on overconsumption and excess, in our 'TakeAway' exhibition, we embarked on a journey of reduction, embracing subtraction, material efficiency, repurposing, and fostering a design-driven environmental consciousness. Audrey Large experimented with digital tools stripping away identity in the images for the exhibition campaign.

Alongside the exhibition, we commissioned Audrey Large to create campaign images to bring to life the designers’ portraits. Audrey, a pioneer in the use of crafting 3D portraits of people, scanned each designer individually, only to deconstruct the images afterwards, taking them apart and layering until their original identity became unrecognisable.

The technological aspect, though in its early stages, was deliberately highlighted, lending a pixelated, experimental quality to the visuals where the play between blurriness and sharpness adds depth to the campaign images. The gradient in the background, with subtle shifts in colour and tone, clashes with the glossy, hyperreal textures of 3D scans, emphasising the profoundly synthetic digital aspect of the art. 

‘We wanted to experiment with the idea of taking away in a digital realm, whilst still giving a human feel to it’

Wendy Plomp

The depth of the portraits against the backdrop imparted a surreal quality, showing how to take away in the digital realm. Human features such as a nose, an eye, or a shirt button were subtly shown, adding a touch of humanity to this digital landscape. The group photo seamlessly combined each individually captured scan, creating a balanced and intriguing composition.

Dutch Invertuals collaborated with Audrey Large to showcase taking away and tearing apart digital 3D images to create a set of portrait images capturing each designer.


Design direction

Wendy Plomp

Campaign visuals

Audrey Large