Be like water

  • Campaign
  • Event
  • Installation

'Flow, an installation that mesmerises you away
from your daily data flow'.

  • by Dutch Invertuals
  • Eindhoven, NL

Dutch Invertuals joined forces with designers Béla Bezold, Ralf Gloudemans, Teresa Fernández-Pello and Edhv, Architects of Identity to create an experience presented at Dutch Design Week 2023.

Thanks to all our visitors for joining us in this fantastic experience! It was a joy to see you immersed in the flow of water droplets. Be like water.

In our technology-infused society, every aspect of our life is being altered. We hardly even notice how far we have drifted off from our physical habitat and the things that are truly important. We have shifted towards a flow of data and information, disconnecting us from the valuable experiences that make life beautiful.

Can we re-establish a deep connection to our physical reality by creating beautiful experiences?

Béla Bezold
Edhv, Architects of Identity
Ralf Gloudemans
Teresa Fernández-Pello

Supported by
Cultuur Eindhoven

Photography by
Ronald Smits

Campaign by
visuals by Barbara Medo
concept by Edhv, Architects of Identity